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Questions and Answers

How can I be added?

If you want to be added to our list of the worlds most beautiful women than just email us your Instagram link or send us a minimum of six to eight images to consider. We will contact you once it goes live.

Can I change my photos?

If you want us to change your photos, or have more current images that you want us to use, then you can send them to us via email. The minimum file size is 800 x 600 pixels, but we can accept larger files.

Why is my country not listed?

We are planning to upload a new country every month, although we require a minimum of 18 participants per country before we add it. Currently we are working on Hungary, Colombia and the Philippines.

Why is Africa and India not listed?

We are extremely aware that we have not covered these continents and are looking to rectify this. The main reason is that we use Instagram and at the moment it has limited reach across certain countries.

Why no men?

Although we have no current plans to do a men section, we are not against the idea and if demand was high then it is something we would look at. Email and let us know if this is something you want.

Why the lack of Black Girls?

As with Africa this is something we are acutely aware of and are trying to redress the balance. Our aim is to promote all of the beautiful women on the planet regardless of ethnicity, race or religion.

Do you only use Instagram?

We have created the site using Instagram as our main reference but we are not limited to just this. We would be happy to consider you if you're a model and want to be added. We would link back to your website.

Why no Adverts?

We are trying to run this website without the need for online advertising so that the look remains clean, simple and a pleasure to view. But if you wish to advertise with us then please drop us a line to discuss.

How can I be removed?

If you want us to remove your details from the site than please just send us an email. It would be nice if you could explain your reasons so that we can try to improve our services.

The Begining

This website (launched January 2018) is taking a global view at some of the world's most gorgeous and successful women. We have spent numerous hours scouting our way through the many people on Instagram to find a selection of the world's most beautiful women so you do not have too. We have made a conscientious decision to stay away from the lists of celebrities because we firmly believe that there are many more beautiful people that deserve your attention. And every month we can't wait to introduce you to new faces and new countries as we continual on our search of the world's most beautiful women.

The Future

The continual development of our website is very important to us, and as such we plan to add at least one new country per month as well as expand on the list of the beautiful women we already have on our existing pages. The next stage is to introduce to you personally some of the hottest girls listed via a monthly online blog. We are also currently updating all of our social networks and are developing our YouTube page were we will bring interviews and live photo-shoots with some of the beautiful women featured on this site.
But we also want to hear from you! Tell us what we can do better or if you know someone we should be listing then please send us their details.

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